Korean bookstore opens in Malaysia

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Korean bookstore opens in Malaysia

Postby nibblecell » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:49 am

The last time I visited the city of Subang Jaya in the state of Selangor, Malaysia, I attended the grand opening of a new Korean bookstore hosted by the Korea Language House (KLH).The KLH Korean Bookstore is located in the neighborhood of USJ 21 in Subang Jaya, just opposite of the Main Place shopping mall. This Korean bookstore is the first in Malaysia and one of the founders is Miss Jane.

Due to the high demand for Korean books by Korean language lovers, the KLH decided to open a Korean bookstore for those who are interested in the Korean language. Some of the books are from the Korean Society Organization in Malaysia, and 50 percent of them were imported from Korea directly.

“I realized that many people nowadays like the Korean language and that they're looking for Korean books to improve their Korean skills, especially my students,” said Miss Jane.

This Korean bookstore also sells new and secondhand books, for example, children story books, comics and novels, and Korean language reference books. All of the books are sold at reasonable prices and some of them even have discounts.

Many people come here and buy a lot of books because of the discounts. This store also has a lucky draw for those who come early to its events.

“Most of our beginner students like to read children books because they can easily understand the Korean grammar,” said Miss Jane.

I also met Miss Jane’s daughter who can read Hangeul (한글) very well even though she's ethnically Chinese and only 8-years-old.

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