End Truck Overhead Crane

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End Truck Overhead Crane

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Wire rope hoist crane for product description
Wire rope hoist (suspension) Crane is a kind of light & small crane with track and usually used together with wire rope hoist type electric hoist. Generally, the lifting capacity is 0.5~20t, the span is 3~16m, traveling speed is 20m/min or 30m/min. it also can be tailor made as your special requirements.
With its advantages, such as tight structure, rigidity, flexible operation, low noise, safety and reliability, UPMAX wire rope hoist (suspension) Crane are widely used at sites like industrial and mining company, storehouse and material yard etc.
1- Lifting Mechanism
- Monorail wire rope hoist or chain hoist or manual hoist as option:
- Lifting speed: single or dual or step less as per required
- Trolley Speed: Single or Dual or Step less as per required
- High performance with most economical price
2-End Carriages
- Rigid welded box type end carriage or sturdy hollow steel section
- Modula design
- Cone squirrel cage motor or soft start motor as option
- Traveling speed: Single or Dual or Step less as per required
3-Main Girder
- Rigid welded box Girder or sturdy hollow steel section
- Modula design
- Made of steel Q235 or Q345
- Designed Deflection≤1/800 of span
- Independent pendent control travel along C-track
- Or wireless control as option
- Or cabin control as option
5-Electric Part
- Conductor power supply (as option)
- The control panels are IP54 or IP44 depends on working ambient.
- The components are positioned in a maintenance friendly way, and the whole layout provides with good protection
- Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, fixed to cable trolleys, running in a galvanized C-track.
- Main electric part in brand Schneider or Siemens
6-Safe Protection
- Emergency-off switch
- Overload protect
- Earth protection
- Cross travel and long travel protection
- Lifting travel protection
- Overheating protection of motor
- Lightning protection as option
Wire rope hoist crane for workshop
Wire rope hoist crane for Packaging & delivery
Wire rope hoist crane for Project case
Wire rope hoist crane for payment term
Shipping term:FOB
Payment term:T/T
FAQ:End Truck Overhead Crane

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